Sonalksis Mastering Suite soon here

The Sonalksis Mastering Suite will soon be available. As the name suggests it’s intended mainly for mastering engineers, but picky podcasters could find value in them as well. The Sonalksis Mastering Bundle consists of the following plug-ins:

MultiLimit – Multiband Mastering Limiter
Maxlimit – Maximizing Mastering Limiter
StereoTools – Stereo Imaging Processor
Ultimate-D – Dithering

From the Sonalksis press release

MultiLimit – Multiband Mastering Limiter

A superior processor for the most demanding mastering environment, with 5 independent frequency bands separated by linear phase crossovers providing eq and dynamics functionality, proprietary true analogue quality clip/smoothing, programmaximizing limiter, dither, extensive frequency analysis features and K-metering.

MaxLimit – Maximizing Mastering Limiter

A program maximizing limiter with a unique true analogue quality clip/smoothing option, K-metering and dither, all within a straightforward and intuitive interface.

StereoTools – Stereo Imaging Processor

A complete stereo imaging, metering and manipulation tool – with detailed visual frequency, phase/positioning feedback and K-metering to aid set up and monitoring.

Ultimate-D – Ultimate Dithering

An end-chain mastering tool providing ‘dither’ for digital resolution enhancement. The processor uses advanced proprietary processing techniques to ensure unparalleled resolution after quantisation

Sonalksis Mastering Bundle will be available in RTAS, AU and VST formats.


Originally posted on August 20, 2008 @ 5:28 am

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