Tag: Audio lingo

  • Audio lingo: types of noise

    To most people noise might just be noise, but in the audio world there’s more than one type of noise. The various types are named after colors, such as white and pink. According to Wikipedia, the color names for these different types of sounds are derived from a loose analogy between the spectrum of frequencies […]

  • Audio lingo: DAW

    DAW is short for Digital Audio Workstation. The exact description of the term is somewhat vague as it can refer to a complete system consisting of both audio interface, controller and software, or just the software only. The most common features for a DAW is multi-track recording, editing and mixing possibilities. Some of the most […]

  • Audio lingo: Compressor

    The compressor is a device that basically compresses the sound , that is, reducing the dynamics. By doing so it is possible to better “glue” the sounds together and in the end also raise the volume. Each compressor functions differently, but common controls are threshold which decides at what levels the compressor shall start working, […]

  • Audio lingo: Equalizer

    The Equalizer – or EQ for short – is basically a device that let’s you “sculpt” the sound by raising or lowering the volume at a specific frequency as opposed to lowering or raising the volume of the entire spectrum like a regular volume control does. When talking about EQs this is generally referred to […]