Tag: Tutorials

  • A Short Video Describing Pop Shields

    Here’s a short video of a guy talking about pop shields or pop filters.

  • Cleaning It Up

    So you got your recording done, all is dandy, until you discover cracks, pops and hums all over the piece! What to do? Don’t fear, if there is in one advantage that digital has over analog, it’s in the cleanness field.

  • Additional notes on microphones

    In the previous post on microphones I kind of assumed that you would all sit in the safety of your home while recording your podcast. Funny, it didn’t really struck me until today that some of you might be recording in a lot of different places that are far from ideal. So here you go, […]

  • The art of ducking

    Ducking is an effect often used by DJs and in all kinds of broadcasting. It’s often achieved by the use of side-chain compression. Side-chaining is when you use the dynamic levels of one source to control the compression of your signal. It’s best described in example, for instance, it’s common to use this for the […]

  • Hat-trick

    Yesterday I had to record some spoken word in a rather noisy small room. The noise was mostly from computers and the like. Because of this I picked a dynamic microphone (a Shure SM58) instead of a condenser and thought that if I just pointed it away from the source of the noise it would […]