Yamaha now shipping Pocketrak CX pocket recorder

Yamaha is now shipping their Pocketrak CX, the next in line of their pocket recorders which follows the Pocketrak 2G Pocket Recorder. The difference lies in an upgraded stereo microphone system and expandability. The body is very slim, and the CX weighs only 100 gram.

The CX shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for the 2G however. While the Pocketrak 2G is also a slim recorder, it features an omni-directional mic and is intended for recording lectures, meetings and rehearsals. The CX on the other hand seems to be more aimed towards recording music.

From the Yamaha press release:

Like its predecessor, the Pocketrak CX supports a variety of different recording formats from 16-bit 44.1 CD quality .wav files to convenient MP3, an onboard speaker, stand adapter, and Cubase AI DAW software. The CX then adds a larger AA re-chargeable “eneloop” battery built into its compact body allowing up to 40 hours of continuous recording and play-back, a high sensitivity 90° X-Y microphone for high-quality stereo recording and expandability microSD cards (2GB card included). Add to this a peak limiter and variable speed playback for practicing difficult or fast passages and the Pocketrak CX becomes a powerful tool for any musician.

Price: $499 MSRP


Originally posted on October 30, 2008 @ 11:12 am

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