3 Podcasts on TikTok (And What You Can Learn From Them)

A while ago, we reported that Tiktok is officially moving into the podcasting game. This move is unsurprising for a few reasons, for example:

Video podcasts are rising in popularity, and TikTok is a video platform

Mini podcasts are also on the rise, and TikTok’s short-form content speaks to this need

Every platform under the sun seems to be getting into podcasting these days!

With this in mind, now’s the time to swot up on what podcasters are doing right on the platform. That way, you can become an early adopter by growing your podcast on TikTok.

Here are a few popular podcasts on TikTok right now that are worth looking at. Even if they’re not to your taste, the important thing is to know what they’re doing to see what you can learn from them. It’s a totally different channel from other social media platforms, and watching what the current success stories are doing is the best way to learn how to get it right.

1. Jumpers Jump

Handle: @jumpersjump

Tiktok followers: 9 million

Jumpers Jump is a podcast hosted by Argentinian streetwear entrepreneurs, Carlos Juico and Gavin Ruta. What began as a streetwear and pop culture podcast quickly evolved into a theory podcast, covering everything from conspiracies to murder and the paranormal.

For each episode of their weekly podcast, they edit one of the theories into short-form video content for Tiktok that gets to the juicy bits quickly.

In less than two years, they’ve gained a cult following of 8.5 million on Tiktok and 855k YouTube subscribers. The comments on every episode are off the hook – around 4,000 comments on a single video!

What You Can Learn From Them

Their whole strategy has been video-first and this has made their content easily TikTok translatable. In fact, I’d go as far as saying their podcast content doesn’t work as well in audio-only because it’s so conversational. If you listen to their podcast as audio-only, you miss some of the humour as a lot of it is down to body language and good video editing.

They’re also clearly building a strong community through video and the comments section on their TikToks are one of their main strengths. If you’re posting content on TikTok, don’t forget the importance of comments – this is where your audience grows.

2. Celebrity Memoirs Book Club

Handle: @celebritymemoirsbookclub

Tiktok followers: 305k

Celebrity Memoirs Book Club is a weekly podcast that started in 2020. They’ve been on TikTok since the birth of their podcast, and have built a really strong following on the platform (they call their community ‘worms’ like My Favourite Murder call their followers ‘murderinos’).

If you’re someone who’s interested in celebrity culture but don’t have the time or patience to read entire memoirs, you’ll love this podcast.

The idea is that New York comedians Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton ‘read celebrity memoirs so you don’t have to’, cutting straight to the interesting bits that could take you days of page-turning to find out. This mostly involves calling celebrities out for saying something outrageous or offensive in their memoirs.

What You Can Learn From Them

I think there’s a lot to learn from this choice of podcast niche. Celebrity memoirs is narrow but at the same time, you can cover so much ground with it. Getting the inside scoop from celebrities themselves is something that will appeal to a lot of people – specially on TikTok.

This sort of content also converts so well into TikToks. For their TikTok content, they use images of the celebs they talk about as their greenscreen background image or screenshots of tweets that instantly brings context to their videos.

And because the topic is celebrity culture, the episodes really come alive when you can visually see the people they’re talking about. I don’t say this lightly, but this is really a podcast that needs to be watched to enjoy it to the full.

Unlike a lot of podcasters on TikTok, they don’t edit clips from the original podcast recording. They record their TikTok content as something entirely seperate where they speak directly to the camera. This would obviously increase your workload as you’re doubling up your content, but it’s really effective.

3. V Interesting with V Sephar

Handle: @underthedesknews

Followers: 2.8 million


Also the Bachelor is back- did ya watch? I always try to catch the limo episode for its unhingedness

♬ original sound – UnderTheDeskNews

V Sephar’s ‘V Interesting with V Sephar’ is a popular twice-weekly news podcast. It began as a TikTok account called ‘Under the desk news’, which then expanded into a podcast.

They follow a podcast format where the first episode each week brings the “interesting parts we often lose in chaotic news cycles,” and the second episode is a deep dive into more significant issues. Often, those more complex issues will be sparked by one of the stories from the earlier news podcast episode that week.

V claims they aim to “make you the most well-informed and V interesting person in the room”, which is high on both podcast listeners’ and TikTok lovers’ priority lists.

What You Can Learn From Them

V’s TikTok account proves that news content/dailies can work on TikTok if you focus on the actual hooks. #NewsTok is a popular hashtag to follow.

Tiktok users crave quick-win insights that they can regurgitate to look smart in front of friends. They don’t want to spend time digging into the detail. These sorts of bite-sized news accounts really speak to this.

How to get your podcast on TikTok

If you’re thinking about testing the water with getting your podcast on TikTok, now’s the time to do it. This guide on how to promote your podcast on TikTok will help you get the ball rolling.

And if you’re totally new to video, check out this guide to video podcasting first. It has everything you need to know to start creating visual content for your podcast.

Originally posted on February 20, 2023 @ 1:24 am

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