Agency Offering £5,000 Prize for the UK’s ‘Next Big Podcaster’

Got a great idea for a new podcast but unsure where to start?

Or are you already running an excellent podcast (you may say so yourself) that you think deserves more attention than it’s currently getting?

If you’re a UK-based podcaster, there’s a prize up for grabs that could be just the opportunity you’re looking for. 

London podcasting agency Earworm are on the lookout for the UK’s ‘next generation of audio trailblazers’ to work with. Essentially, they’re looking for fresh, innovative new podcast content that they can produce within the agency. 

They’re offering a £5,000 prize package to the best podcast concept that hits their Instagram inbox before the 31st May 2023. There will also be three runner-up prizes of podcast consultancy sessions worth £499.

Who Should Enter the Podcast Competition? 

According to the details on Earworm’s website, the agency is happy to take pitches from any UK-based podcasters with a big idea. It doesn’t seem to matter whether your podcast is already running or you’re still at the initial concept stage with it. 

The main quality the agency is looking for is submissions that are ‘different.’ Or, in their words, “fresh and innovative voices with standout podcast ideas.” With close to 4 million podcasts out there, this sounds much easier than it is.

They’re particularly interested in podcasts from underrepresented communities too. 

A quote from those leading the competition gives a hint at the kind of content that’s most likely to win:

Ben Farley, Chief of Sounds at Earworm:

 “We’re a high-octane, cheeky, and boundary-pushing team that dares to be different. We live for audio adventures and strive to create content that gets an audience hooked like a catchy tune stuck in their heads. This challenge is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring podcasters from across the UK to join our exciting journey.

We contacted Ben at Earworm to find out what the £5,000 prize would include. He told us the package would be personalised to suit the winner’s needs, but could be “redeemed against any of [Earworm’s] services, which includes – production, consultancy & marketing and more.”

How to Enter 

To enter Earworms ‘Turn Up’ competition, you need to pitch your podcast idea following these steps:

Create a one-minute Instagram reel pitching your podcast idea to them. And apparently, “the more creative” your reel is “the better”.

Upload your reel on Instagram with the hashtag #Earworm5000

Paste the link to your reel in the entry box on this landing page (this part is essential. You won’t be included in the competition if you don’t enter your link) 

Entries close midnight on 23rd May, and winners are announced on 15th June.

So, How Do I Create a Prize-Winning Pitch?

Never pitched a podcast before? Here are a few quick tips to think about when creating your competition entry:

Research your podcast idea – You might think your podcast idea is unique and never been done before. But have you done your due diligence to check if this definitely the case? A quick Google search will do the job. And you can be pretty sure the competition judges will do the same. 

Think about what makes your idea different from what’s already out there – is your podcast filling a gap that no one is talking about right now? If there are podcasts that touch on your niche, think about how your idea differs from theirs.

Think about who your audience are – Does your podcast cater to a broad or narrow niche? Remember a narrow niche isn’t a bad thing – these kinds of podcasts can have higher value for their target audience. But think about how it might still appeal to the agency (i.e. is it their type of audience?). 

Think about your purpose – In our Indiepodder Census, we learned that podcasters who understand their purpose early on have the most success with their show. Why do you want to make this podcast, and why are you the right person to do it? Touching on this briefly in your pitch can be a nice touch.

Plan (but don’t script) your pitch – You only have one minute to win the judges over with your podcast pitch, so make every second count. Bullet point what you want to cover (max of 5 points) and practice your pitch a few times rather than scripting it so it sounds as natural as possible.

Take advantage of Instagram Reel tools – Instagram has many different tools to enhance your video (for example, adding transitions and timed text). This guide from Instagram has some info on how to maximise them.

And if you don’t have an idea to pitch yet, take a look at this guide to coming up with unique podcast topics to get your creative juices flowing.

Finally, for more information on the competition, read this page.

Originally posted on April 27, 2023 @ 1:24 am

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