Geo-Tagging Podcasts and More

geotaggedThere are many tips on the many self-proclaimed podcast experts who would recommend a ton of stuff but as a beginner or oldie in the podcasting world, you have to abide by some basics that would make your podcasts enjoyable and of course popular. Video podcasts are all the norm and people love then as much as regular podcasts due to more information brought in by the visual nature of such podcasts. There are a lot of people who make video podcasts who fail miserably at the fact they tend to overdo their work, simply put, they forget that a podcast should be enjoyable and interesting as well as visually enticing. Add a GPS device to geo-tag your podcast which would be a wonderful tool for documenting your travels across the globe. The new iPhone comes with some pretty good tools through iTunes where they can be found, including a geo-tagging app that makes for good podcasting. Though podcasts are generally free-form meaning the creator has control over the who, what, where and how’s of the podcast but be sure to tag them as such when you publish them so you get them easily accessible to your targeted audience.
By far, one of the easiest and best software to use for beginners is still Audacity but there are more powerful tools out there that can do more. The only problem, you have to be a sound engineer to master them and understand what they can really do. Tagging them properly is like tagging your blog posts that gives them easier indexing by the many web crawlers who do their stuff each and every day. effects and other embellishment have additional benefits yet the beginner can do good with simple audio only podcasts, that as you progress can be improved on considerably with experience and familiarity.

Originally posted on April 25, 2009 @ 2:47 am

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