Media Formats – Do they really matter?

digitalmediaIf you hope to maximize your distribution of a certain product it does but for overall general web-based podcasts, MP3 or AAC would do. Most audio editing software come with their own file conversion systems. Like iTunes, you can easily rip cd’s into either AAC or MP3, but all this comes with some audio know-how and how digital audio works. One new comer to the audio conversion tools is Blaze Media Pro which converts, rips, creates cd’s and even has the ability to format audio or video podcasts into 3GP which is growing in popularity as mobile computing grows in popularity. 3G allows mobile devices to connect fast and digitally with the internet through their respective service providers. It allows fast and crisp VoIP and other internet-based functions as if you were using a palm-top, only smaller.
As we all know, podcasting is a cliche for the process of recording audio for what else, the ever popular iPod, one of the most popular gadgets around and that being the case, we need to adapt to the fast growing mobile and smart phone market as a new avenue for podcasts. The first generation of the infamous iPhone was a good enough gadget that became better with the release of the second generation which has the ability to use 3G which is faster than packet data transmission of days gone by. Now unlike your desktop or laptop, these mobiles and smart phones may not have unlimited storage capacity so the right format is needed for you to get your content through. But there is one fact that makes all these abilities quite redundant for most smartphones have built in digital media players that can play MP3 and AAC, which are generally recognized by most of these players. So whatever format you may chose, be sure to adapt it for your target market for you are selling you as the creator, producer, mixer, editor and more with the podcast itself as the product.

Originally posted on January 31, 2011 @ 5:25 am

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