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paintMEOne thing that podcasters usually forget is that podcasting is an medium of sound. It is in audio that you relay your information or tell your story. The reason I mention this is because most podcasters still do their podcasts without taking this important fact into consideration. What I mean is that they do not paint a picture.

When you do a podcast you talk to your audience. But since it is not a visual medium, they will have to use their imagination to “see” what you are talking about. But to do this, you will have to paint the picture for them. This means that you have to give details and describe nuances. Let’s say that your podcast is about a visit to a historic landmark. If you just say that you went to this place and found it interesting, your audience won’t “see” what you experienced. But if you paint a picture for them — describing the trip, pointing out the people that was also there to visit, describing the color and smell of the place along with other unique details  — then you have started painting that picture. You effectively transport your audience to that place.

But painting a picture is not limited to just descriptions of places. You can use it in all types of podcasts, even interviews! You can describe how your interviewee took various questions. Was he comfortable? Did he fidget? Does he have any mannerisms that you found interesting? Look out for the details, remember them and then describe them. It makes for a more “visual” and memorable podcast.

Originally posted on June 2, 2011 @ 10:23 am

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