Podcasting and Online Presence in Your Niche

Podcasts can be a very viable and useful communication tool for anyone. Coming up with a podcast is easy, and free due to open source software available. You can use the podcast to connect with your audience by connecting to various networks to create and distribute your podcasts on various directories.


The Niche Market, and How Podcasts Fit into the Picture

Niche markets are different from general markets. This is because you must be in agreement with the audience, which is normally a hard task. This audience is usually highly specialized, intelligent and tends to be dispersed. It is also busy, and therefore the content you provide must be highly appropriate and targeted to your needs. This is where podcasts come in.

You create a podcast to provide information to members of your niche. You can put samples, company products, PR events, expert advice, and instructions. Once you have a podcast, you upload it on its own landing page for subscription or downloading.

Why Business Podcasting?

Podcasting helps build your online presence. This is because you stand to increase your reach and online visibility. This builds your brand. But how does podcasting achieve this?

Podcasts help solve your problem of no content, minimum content and out of date content that is not working for you.

Podcasting helps you add a friendly, knowledgeable voice to an otherwise plain text and image blog. A personal voice lets you quickly establish confidence in the consumer, which will position you as a trusted expert in your niche. This helps you connect with your niche on a more emotional level. If you have a blog set up, podcasts will help you develop a deeper relationship with your customers.

With well-crafted podcasts, you get to communicate new ideas to your business prospects and existing customers. Additionally, you get to promote your products and services to your target audience.

Optimizing Your Podcast for Maximum returns

So, how can you optimize your podcasts to achieve your goal of online visibility. Here is how you can do it:

• Have a separate landing page for each of the episode in the series.

• Come up with a single page for the podcast show and have links on this page, connecting individual landing pages.

• Provide a download link for users who want to download the podcast and listen to it later. Indicate the file name, length, size and date for the podcast.

• You need to include keywords in the title of the podcast. This will help you gain visibility in search engines.

• Finally, include subscription information on every landing page.

One thing that many businesses forget is transcription of the audio. This is nothing but converting the spoken audio into text. Having a text version helps improve ranking in search engines, tremendously. Search engine robots can’t index audio, but can index text. Besides indexing, having a text version is good for visitors who don’t have time to listen to the whole audio file.

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