Podcasting schedules

scheduleMany beginner podcasters think that since podcasting is distributed by subscriptions, and since they are doing it on their own time and effort, then they can make podcasts whenever they want to without adhering to a regular release schedule. But this is the wrong attitude. You need to get a regular schedule going in order to increase your followers and also develop loyalty.

By keeping a regular schedule, your listeners will know when to expect your show, they will anticipate when it will arrive and the regularity will make them more ardent supporters. Imagine if your TV show gets broadcast whenever the producers want to do it, you wouldn’t know when it is on and most probably, in frustration you’ll just drop it from your list of shows to watch. The same thing can happen to your podcast if you don’t follow a schedule. Granted, a subscription pushes your content to your followers, but it’s still not uncommon for this thing to happen.

A schedule will also give you the opportunity to tease your audience with what’s in store for your next episodes. This will whet the appetite of your listeners and if the topic is really exciting, your followers can even start telling about your show to their friends.

To give yourself a proper handle on your schedule, you will need to look at how your show is produced. Check the time spent on the pre-production and production work itself. Also take into account how often you get your material if it’s sourced from research or from other sources. From there you can make an educated assessment of the ideal schedule for your podcast.

Originally posted on July 2, 2009 @ 7:06 pm

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