Podia Review: Educate, Sell, and Promote, All on One Platform

In this Podia review, you’ll learn about a platform for managing your content stack, from courses and webinars to downloadable products.

You’ve probably noticed from our monetization guide that podcasters have many more ways of making revenue than sponsorship. E-books, courses, and community membership can all make your knowledge bankable. But managing all those income streams takes time, effort, and money. In its latest incarnation, Podia can help your podcast branch out into training and email marketing, all on one platform.

Our link to Podia is an affiliate. But, like any other review on the site, this won’t stop us from giving our honest thoughts and opinions!

What is Podia?

Podia sounds like the word “podium,” which supports a lecturer speaking to an audience. Since 2014, Podia has helped digital content creators add courses to their offerings. In the last year, however,  this platform has built out its “tech stack” considerably. Podia has added a variety of software and digital tools required to operate a business online. Not only does Podia put all of this together on one platform, but it also costs less than alternatives with similar features. In essence, this tool reduces task-switching, enhancing your productivity as a content creator.

Podia Review: Features

When you sign up for Podia, you get a website with a blog, plus the ability to fashion fully customizable landing pages to sell specific products. Even Podia’s bio pages are streamlined mini-websites that are great for linking from social media platforms like Instagram.

A few of the beautiful, customizable link in bio templates from Podia. Puppies not included.

Your website isn’t limited to text. Podia templates provide plenty of freedom for creative design. These are great for photographers or designers who need to put images front and center. You can connect external platforms to Podia via Zapier. 

In addition, Podia helps you sell all manner of courses, coaching, and webinars. You can also sell printable digital products. You can even set up affiliate marketing to incentivize your audience to share your products and services. 

Podia’s email marketing is an add-on service. Podia’s software allows you to include images, buttons, gifs, and more in your campaigns. Their templates are clear, accessible, and attractive. As one tester said, “Podia managed to simplify a process that the rest of the email marketing industry has made complicated. Creating a campaign or broadcast with Podia is as easy as writing an email in Gmail, but better.” Alternatively, you can use Zapier to integrate with up to seven specified email marketing software providers. 

Podia Review: Pricing and The Fine Print

Many e-commerce platforms include some of the same features as Podia. Podia’s comparison charts distinguish its product from competitors on various relevant dimensions. While their comparators look more like Patreon or Gumroad, comparing Podia to an online learning platform like Skillshare or Udemy is more realistic. If you teach a class on either of those platforms, your pay is roughly 20-37% of the subscription revenue. Nor do you control the pricing or maintain relationships with your followers. 

With Podia, you set the prices. You can maintain relationships with your followers. And, you keep more of your earnings before payment processing fees. 

The bottom line is that whichever comparison you make, Podia charges less money upfront. In fact, “get started for free” really means what it says on the tin. While still in Podia’s free tier, no paywall prevents you from testing its features to determine how to make Podia work best for you. 

Once you start selling, Podia charges a percentage of your sales. That percentage decreases at higher tiers. In addition, whichever payment processor you choose (Stripe or Paypal) charges 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. 

Here are the subscription prices per month when you pay annually. And, please, do pause to appreciate these cleverly named pricing tiers.

Podia’s Pricing Tiers

Free: For $0 per month, you can build a full website with a blog, and make draft versions of courses, webinars, and product bundles. You can build a community that resembles a stand-alone social media platform. This tier lets you produce and sell one downloadable product and one coaching product. You also have the option to add on email marketing or another team member. Podia charges 10% of your earnings. 

Starter: For $4 per month, users get everything from the Free tier, as well as a custom domain for their Podia website and support via chat. They can produce and sell one downloadable product and/or one coaching product. Podia charges 8% of their earnings. 

Mover: For $33 per month, you get everything from the previous tiers and the option to make and sell unlimited downloads, coaching sessions, webinars, and product bundles. Plus, you can add a third-party code to your website, such as a pop-up tool or a countdown timer. For this tier, Podia charges 5% of your earnings. 

Shaker: At a rate of $59 per month for the first year and $75 per month thereafter, you get everything from the previous tiers, plus the ability to set up affiliate marketing for your Podia site. Podia doesn’t charge any transaction fees in this tier. You pay the subscription rate and the payment processing fee, but Podia doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings. 

Podia’s optional email marketing add-on price depends on your number of subscribers and which tier you choose. With fewer than 100 subscribers, it’s free. 

Podia Review: Start Your Education Empire At An Affordable Price

Your podcast can be one element of a content stack that uses video, blog posts, and discussion to explain your topics.  But, task shifting, or moving between different software, websites, or apps, can reduce productivity and enthusiasm. Since Podia has so many features, all within one ecosystem, you don’t need to switch between software or websites. 

Your podcast is more than just audio. Like the podium on which it’s based, Podia supports your knowledge and helps you transmit it. Better still, you can start this journey without having to open your wallet.  

Originally posted on April 5, 2024 @ 12:24 am

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