Prerequisites for Being Featured on iTunes Store

Being featured on iTunes Store’s Podcasts home page is a big deal. Just a day on the homepage can guarantee you thousands of new listeners.

In case you’re wondering if your podcast has any chance of getting features on the iTunes Store, here’s the list of Podcast “must haves” straight from Apple’s mouth.

To be featured by iTunes, podcasts must have:

  1. An attractive, original image that does not include the iPod or other Apple-branded content (Must also adhere to Apple’s image specs).
  2. A robust and accurate description for the podcast and all related episodes.
  3. A valid author listed.
  4. Proper language, category, and explicit tagging.

Don’t be mislead by the too easy to follow list though, because the above list is merely a list of the prerequisites for being featured on iTunes. However, while the list guarantees you nothing, you still need to pay close attention to it since not satisfying any of the above prerequisites will guarantee that you DON’T get features on iTunes store.

As for getting an edge over other podcasts and trying to catch Apple’s attention to be featured on the homepage, it takes a lot more creativity and work than being meticulous with your descriptions and tags. You need fresh, regularly updated content that is either unusually interesting or plain unusual. In short, you need edgy content to get an edge.

And in case paying Apple to be featured on the homepage crosses your mind, forget about it because its their policy not to accept such payments.


Source: – Making a Podcast
Image Credit: Apple

Originally posted on November 12, 2011 @ 10:07 pm

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