Snowball and Snowflake – Studio Quality Recording on your Desktop

snowballAgain from BlueMics, we have two of the best mics around that are named coldly as Snowball and Snowflake. The Snowball is considered to be one of the first professional quality USB mics around that gives you the ability to record studio quality sound anywhere. As with their other products, they need no additional software that eats up precious space you might have otherwise needed to save audio. You can record quality audio on the kitchen table, garage, on the road or a concert giving professionally accepted audio that captures all sounds in the spectrum. Recording your podcast usually involves having to re-locate to a quiet or specially padded room for you to do so, with the Snowball, you can do it anywhere and all sounds are clear and crisp with no padding. Get the ringer mount to give it freedom from sound transmitted through conventional mic stands and it looks cool too.
The Snowflake on the other hand offers you studio quality recording that easily clips onto the screen of your laptop. Small and compact with a purpose built container for the USB cable in the case, you can take it anywhere allowing you to record when ever whatever. Most mics are either too puny, lacking power and would need to be brought close to your mouth for clear audio. Both products allow you hands free operation allowing you to focus on what matters most. your audio recording. Get both hands to manage the recording software you are using as you record, adjusting all the necessary parameters to make that killer podcast.
So go cold and check out Bluemics for some of the best mics around, helping you record your way to success, in podcasting at least.

Originally posted on March 6, 2009 @ 1:55 am

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