Some tips on great podcasting

The term podcasting came from the word ipod, which has gained so much popularity in the recent times. Podcasting is different from the other ways of accessing video over the net because in this method, a given series of media files are maintained centrally on the main distributor’s server. It gives viewers the freedom of watching their favorite episodes as many times as they want to. For viewing such media, there is a requirement for files special application software by the user known as the podcatcher that checks the central server every now and then for updates and automatically downloads new files added to the series.

As a podcaster, you need to develop the habit of archiving all the media files in a systematic order or else it may be inaccessible by the client software. The quality of the video is another issue and podcast generally tends to reduce the quality of a particular video by introducing noise. Hence, special hardware may be required to eliminate the noise in the form of filters. Episodes such as serial, reality show, design contest are the ones for which podcasting demands are the highest. For designing a podcast site, it is preferable that you chose a web hosting service that offers you high bandwidth as well as storage space, which is very important for storing media content that are generally large files and for quick access of the files stored.

If you want to choose the best logo for your podcast site, then you may also host an online podcast logo design contest.

Originally posted on February 16, 2011 @ 7:53 am

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