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  • What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

    What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

    The power of audio online should not be disregarded. While videos and images are great to watch, there’s also something unique about audio. Listening to it provides a different kind of experience to anybody. It’s similar to listening to an on-demand talk radio but the difference is you can listen to your preferred content at […]

  • Sound Effects You Can Use in Audacity

    Podcasts are a great tool for storytelling. When created with the best audio quality, you can be sure to attract listeners online. And who knows, they may be interested in downloading them as well. When recording a story, however, it can be a bit boring if you simply narrate everything. There’s a way to make […]

  • Things to Know When Using Music for Podcasts

    Podcasts need to be produced in an informative yet interesting way to capture more listeners. Music can be an integral part of it particularly when the audio content that’s being produced are the tutorials and storytelling type with only one person doing the podcast. When two people are involved, music may be limited to transitions […]

  • Minimizing Background Noise During Recording

    One of the problems of podcasting is noise. During the recording process, noise would usually creep into the finished product. Ambient noise from many different sources that you will find in the environment can find its way into your recording and it can be irritating to hear distracting noises while listening to a podcast. Unfortunately, […]

  • Proper Archiving Is Important

    Your podcasts are a great source of information for many people. You’ve put a lot of hard work on your podcasts and this hard work may have resulted in more people listening to your regular podcasts but without proper archiving you will throw all of your hard work out the window. You should have a […]