What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

The power of audio online should not be disregarded. While videos and images are great to watch, there’s also something unique about audio. Listening to it provides a different kind of experience to anybody. It’s similar to listening to an on-demand talk radio but the difference is you can listen to your preferred content at your
most convenient time while jogging, walking, commuting on a subway or even while driving.


The truth is, a growing number of businesses are utilizing podcasts in getting the word out about what they do as well as about the products and services they offer. They have recognized the usefulness of this format in achieving their goals.

The experts are predicting that podcasting will remain and will continue to be utilized by many people. And they have some great tips that we’d like to share here.

Producing valuable content should be a priority. Do away with promoting your products and services but rather focus on your specific industry or niche. Think of something that can help solve people’s problems or share interesting or success stories from which your audience can learn some important lessons.

Your voice matters. A common mistake by some people producing podcasts is they talk in their usual manner. But being able to control your voice and use the proper inflections is much better. You need to capture your audience’s attention and you can do that if you speak in a clear and modulated voice with authority than what you’re used to when talking on a daily basis.

Listening is as important. Remember communication can only be effective when there’s give and take. So if you know how to speak, you should also know how to listen. Make sure that you include in your podcasts the feedback you get from your audience via email or any other avenue. They would appreciate hearing their names or suggestions during your show and knowing that you’re constantly improving on your podcast content.

Bring in some experts once in a while to capture more listeners. Avoid the old ones, though, and invite the younger professionals who have as much expertise in their chosen field. There are plenty of them so make sure to choose wisely.

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Originally posted on January 29, 2013 @ 6:48 am

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