The Phone Interview

An integral part of making content for your podcast is sourcing information from various sources. This often means interviewing people. An interview face to face while recording your podcast is a great way of making your podcast very interesting. But unfortunately, sometimes this is not possible. The only way to do the interview would be to do it over the phone.

You can still use the phone interview if you like by recording your phone call. Unfortunately, phone call interviews can be hard because you have to be constantly vigilant to keep your interview focused. After this you have to edit the conversation to reduce the amount of gaps.

One of the simplest ways of recording is to just record the speakerphone using your mic. It may sound crude but surprisingly, the quality can be quite good. Take note to mute the speaker of your computer in order to reduce or eliminate feedback.

Originally posted on January 19, 2011 @ 12:03 am

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