To Throw or To Grow?

Podcasts take time to grow. Unless you already have a huge following via some other platform, the chances of your podcast going viral overnight is next to nil. Granted that this is the case for majority of podcasts, how do you know if the lack of listeners is just part of growing pains or if it’s really time to give up on that podcast and start afresh?

One thing you should realize is that podcasts are unlikely to attract an audience on its own. It should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Even if the podcast itself is the “main product” you are trying to sell, you should use other marketing strategies to get the word out. This means blogging about it, using social media, and other everything else in your bad of marketing tricks to grow your podcast.

If you find that despite putting your best efforts produces little or no results, then it might be time to go back on the drawing board with the podcasts itself. Get honest feedback to find out why people are not listening to your podcasts. Could it be the content itself, technical problems, the way you present the content? Find out what you can do to improve your podcasts. However, if the content itself is the problem, then you might indeed have to throw out the whole idea and think up a whole new concept. While this can be pretty painful, especially if you feel like you’ve put in much to the podcast, you should always be open-minded about ending and starting new projects. After all, you can only learn from failed ones.

Don’t be afraid to throw out podcasts that do not produce results, at least if you want to end up successful in podcasting.

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Originally posted on January 17, 2012 @ 7:11 pm

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