Why Text-Based Editing Will Transform Your Podcast Game

Text-Based Editing with Alitu is here, and we think you might love it as much as we do. Let’s discuss.

Just nailed another podcast recording session. You’re buzzing, right? But, ah, the aftermath. The edit. Feels like you’ve just cooked up a delicious five-course dinner, and now there’s a sink full of dishes glaring at you. 

Now, what if those dishes could wash themselves? Close your eyes, snap your fingers, and poof! Clean as a whistle. Okay, dishes can’t, but your podcast edit can get pretty darn close. Meet Alitu’s latest time-saving addition: Text-Based Editing. And for those wondering, yes, we’re aware of other big players like Descript. But let’s dive in to see why Alitu stands out.

Honestly, it’s a game-changer. Tom, one of our coding wizards, has been perfecting this feature for a while. I snagged (begged for) early access and, let me tell you, it halves your editing time. Seriously.

Editing With Text = Done Before Your Coffee Gets Cold

Imagine editing your podcast episodes as quickly as tweaking a Google Doc. Sounds like sci-fi, but it’s just darn good tech.

With Alitu’s Text-Based Editing, AI transcribes your audio and hooks that up to our beloved Alitu Waves waveform editor. No more fiddling with tedious waveforms and cryptic timecodes.

How It Saved My Episode

Let’s rewind to a few weeks ago. Colin and I are knee-deep in a juicy chat about the impacts of AI, the sort of conversation where time flies. All of a sudden, Colin’s radiator chimes in with a sound that would make a kettle jealous. “Hold on, let’s pause; we’ll need to edit this out,” Colin warns. We take care of it and get back to our recording groove.

Flash forward to editing day. To be honest, with the craziness of the week, that whole radiator episode totally slipped my mind. In the past, I’d have to listen to the entire 50-minute recording—start to finish—to make sure I didn’t miss anything like that. It’s the sort of detail that sneaks in, ruins the flow, and leaves listeners scratching their heads. It’s the sort of thing that could make you look unprofessional.

This time was different, though. Text-Based Editing did its magic and out popped a clean transcript. I’m scrolling through, and there it is: our off-the-cuff radiator chat, complete with a written cue from Colin, saying we’d need to “edit this out.” A close shave, that would’ve been an amateur-hour move.

A couple of clicks, and it’s like it never happened. No need for a full listen-through, no risk of overlooked mishaps, and best of all, no angst. The saved time went straight into brainstorming our next hot topic. That’s a win in my book.

Why Text-Based Editing is Your New BFF

Let’s be real; few of us adore editing. It’s the chore we pass off to our “Future Selves.” With text-based editing tools like Alitu and Descript, you can take that chore and turn it into a swift, enjoyable process.

What Makes Alitu Stand Out?

Now, you might be asking, “Why Alitu when there’s Descript?” Good question! They’re both stellar, but they serve different needs. Here’s the rundown:

Your Workflow with Alitu

Caffeinate and Create: Upload your audio files and let Alitu work its magic while you savor your morning coffee.

Example: Say you had a hiccup or a stutter somewhere. Alitu highlights them for you. Two taps, and they’re gone. Your coffee’s still warm.

The Text-Audio Tango: Your transcript lives side-by-side with your audio. Deleting a text sentence removes it from the audio. It’s like having a text editor for your podcast.

Example: Remember Colin’s radiator? A text cue and a quick delete saved the day.

Rapid Search: Looking for that one sentence that’s bugging you? Type it into Rapid Search and zap it out.

Example: Find all instances where you said “you know,” highlight, delete, and breathe easy.

Take a closer look at how easy it is to record, edit and publish your show in our full guide to podcasting with Alitu.

Alitu Vs. Descript: A Friendly Showdown

Alitu is built with you, the podcaster, in mind. Descript is undeniably cool, but it has a foot in the video editing camp too. Here’s why Alitu might be your better match:

Made for Podcasters: Alitu is built to make podcasters’ lives easier. Everything from the ground up is designed for you, the podcaster. Descript is cool, but it leans more into video editing, too.

Two Ways to Edit: Alitu lets you switch between text-based editing and your traditional waveform, without needing a PhD in Sound Engineering.

All-In-One: While Descript is mostly focused on the editing part, Alitu offers a full workflow solution—think planning, recording, editing, and hosting. It’s like your Swiss Army knife for podcasting.

So, what’s the real magic of Text-Based Editing in Alitu? It’s about freeing you to focus on what you love—creating content. While both tools are extraordinary, your choice ultimately depends on your unique podcasting needs.

The Choice is Yours, but Time Waits for No Podcaster

So, you’ve got the rundown on how Alitu’s Text-Based Editing feature can turn you into a podcasting ninja. We’ve gone through the perks, how it stands up against the competition, and even dished out some real-life examples. Think of it like this: You’re in the driver’s seat of a high-performance car—everything is engineered to make your journey smoother, quicker, and more enjoyable. But instead of a car, it’s your podcast.

You don’t have to let editing waste your creative energy or time. And hey, while Descript is fabulous for certain things, remember Alitu is crafted specifically for podcasters like you.

Ready to Amplify Your Podcasting Game?

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