Author: Hannah

  • Listening to the Best Beauty Podcasts

    Beauty care might be the last topic you’d expect to find when looking for good podcasts to listen to, especially since a videocast seems to be the more appropriate way of disseminating beauty tips and tricks. Still, you will find some good podcasts on the topic of beauty out there. Apparently the makers of these […]

  • Treating Your Topic with Respect

    Creating podcasts that attract the right audience takes more than just knowing the ins and outs of the technology used for recording. In fact, great content is not enough as well. You need to get the right mix of content, recording quality, and presentation to snag your audience’s attention. Oftentimes, what this means is dealing […]

  • Podcast Interviews: Choosing Your Guest

    Much advice has been doled out on podcasting production. From the microphone to use to soundtracks and sound bites, no detail is small enough to escape notice. However, one thing that isn’t given much attention is the selection of guests or interviewees. Of course not all podcasts have guests come over for an interview, however, […]

  • Timeless Content Versus Trending Topics

    Figuring out the right content to use for your podcasts can be really tricky. Time and again you’ll get contrasting advice on the kind of content to use. Some will tell you that the best content to focus on would be those on recent news and events, or trending topics. This makes sense since more […]

  • Be Smart: Use Podsafe Music

    Track music and sound effects are podcast essentials. Without them, chances are that your podcast will sound really flat and lack the oomph needed to capture your listener’s attention during the entire podcast. Anyone who records podcasts know this and so put much effort in finding the right music and background effects for each episode. […]