Author: Stiff

  • Audio lingo: Microphones

    While there are more types of microphones, the three useful for podcasting are dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones. Condenser microphones have been used for all kinds of applications for a long time, and quality varies a lot. They require some sort of power source, like phantom power. Dynamic microphones are often more directional than condensers […]

  • How I Like My Podcasts

    We’re all different, and all like things differently done. Here’s how I like my podcasts.

  • Five Ideas for Podcasts

    I’m thinking of making a new podcast myself, and while I have the theme of it pretty much figured out, it made me think of other ideas for podcasts as well.

  • Audio lingo: Side-chain

    Side-chaining is when you use the dynamic levels of one source to control the compression of your signal. For podcasting ducking might be the typical use for side-chaining. But you can also use it with a compressor and an EQ to create a de-esser, or with a gate and create the opposite effect of ducking, […]

  • Audio lingo: Multiband compressor

    A multiband compressor is simply a compressor that can be set to operate differently on different frequencies. For instance, you could set it to a ratio of 4:1 on 500-1000 Hz and a ratio of 2:1 on 3 kHz. In the same way multiband limiters also exists.