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In business, it pays to spread the word about what you do and what you offer to people. Fortunately, those who want to start one today have many tools to choose from to market their products and services to their target market. On the internet alone, the choices available to business-oriented people are plenty such as the social media and blogging platforms, the free directories and the podcasts.

Podcasts have their own advantages, one of which is its ability to reach a global audience. Its edge over the online tools is the fact that business owners can reach out to their target market on a more personal level who may be in need of audio content which they can listen to at their most convenient time.

Producing a business podcast should be easy once you have the right equipment and have planned your topics well moving forward. Keep in mind that once you’ve started doing podcasts, you’ll need to produce them regularly to keep your regular visitors coming back.

Advanced planning is necessary notably in terms of the topics you’ll cover and the speakers you may want to invite or interview. Business owners who don’t have enough time to produce the podcasts on their own can get the services of a professional production studio to help them.

The next most important step to do after the production process is to promote your podcasts. How do you do it? There are many ways.

Tag Your Podcasts

Tagging is important when sharing files online and when doing this for your podcast, be sure to go beyond just keywords. You also need to provide an image for your podcast, the title of your show, a short description of that specific episode you’re sharing and copyright information. This step will help your podcast be easily searchable.

Submit to iTunes

This is a must for every podcast producer. If you already have an Apple ID, it’s easy to submit an audio file there. Simply go to the iTunes Store, look for Podcasts and then submit your file. Be sure to enter your RSS feed as well and then wait for approval.

Upload to Directories

If there are business and article directories, there are also podcast directories. The iTunes is, no doubt, the most popular of them all and the first place you should submit your podcast. But there are others you might want to consider.

Miro is available for users of Windows, Mac and Linux. Blackberry is a good choice and is still used by business people and international audience. Stitcher is a mobile podcast app and reports have it that a growing number of podcasts here are consumed by its users.

So keep in mind that apart from posting on your website and sharing links on your social media accounts, it will help you promote your podcasts to more people when you upload them on various free directories.

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Originally posted on July 16, 2013 @ 11:37 pm

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