Author: Karli

  • noise-less recording with a digital stand-alone recorder

    The last post I made was on how to reduce background noise when recording. It is interesting to note that the PC itself can cause significant background noise that can creep into your podcast. That’s why, one great workaround to a cleaner, background noise-free recording would be to totally eliminate the PC from the recording […]

  • FlashMics Freeing your Wired Podcast

    HHB, a professional audio equipment manufacturer from the UK has shipped 10,000 of these wonderful mics, and with good reason, it’s portable, easy to use with no wires and has a built in flash memory that allows you to record on the go. This is a very nifty feature for podcasters who often do their […]

  • iPodcasting – Mic’s Face-off

    Ever had the urge to do a podcast in the most unlikely place without your PC, MIC and Software. Ever been caught flat-footed with the idea you’ve been thinking of for a whole week, but can’t seem to blurt out the words to make it enticing. Then these iPod Mics would make your day with […]

  • Location…….. Location It’s all about Location

    People have different views on this so bear with us, location is the area where you have your equipment set-up including your recording equipment, mic, stand and any other equipment you may have. The best spot for the professional podcast is of course a sound stage/room, unfortunately you have to settle for something rather basic […]

  • Distance – Keep It

    One more of the fundamental tips is to keep your distance from the mic which most people forget for with proper distance (which by the way you get only with experience with your setup) from the mic for whatever cost you may have spent on a mic use it wrong and you get trash. Mic […]