Author: Karli

  • Audio Quality and Balancing

    Audio quality may be the key to a successful and a failed podcast that can be easily achieved with the many free and premium software out on the market today. Some are easy to use and some are a bit more complicated and with good reason for these types of audio editing tools are more […]

  • Listen Before You Speak

    Podcasts have become as common as email and everybody’s doing it, sometimes without proper structure should we say. First and foremost thing people have forgotten in their adventures is to listen to their stuff. Why? Just listen to many of those podcasts out there and you’ll know, they suck. People making them fail to even […]

  • Media Formats – Do they really matter?

    If you hope to maximize your distribution of a certain product it does but for overall general web-based podcasts, MP3 or AAC would do. Most audio editing software come with their own file conversion systems. Like iTunes, you can easily rip cd’s into either AAC or MP3, but all this comes with some audio know-how […]

  • Proper Archiving Is Important

    Your podcasts are a great source of information for many people. You’ve put a lot of hard work on your podcasts and this hard work may have resulted in more people listening to your regular podcasts but without proper archiving you will throw all of your hard work out the window. You should have a […]

  • The Phone Interview

    An integral part of making content for your podcast is sourcing information from various sources. This often means interviewing people. An interview face to face while recording your podcast is a great way of making your podcast very interesting. But unfortunately, sometimes this is not possible. The only way to do the interview would be […]